Do you want to know more?

Your DNA will be sequenced with third-generation technologies.

We will use the most recent Illumina machines

This will allow us to discover a multitude of features of your DNA.

It will also enable us to perform more analysis in the future, providing even more accurate and expanded reports.


Your DNA will be analysed covering millions of markers, allowing us to compile a rich report that will be expanded in the future.


The DNA sequencing will be performed with the most advanced machines, that will deliver high precision in a short amount of time.

Easy and Quick

We only need a little bit of your saliva and your report will be ready in a few weeks. We will keep you updated. Easy, quick and complete.


Your DNA will be stored in our servers and we will be the only ones able to connect your DNA to your name. If you will allow us to anonymously share it, other organisations will be able to analyse it but you will remain the owner.

"Taking genetic research to a new level"

What changes with blockchain?

Our solution on IBM Blockchain technology provides the highest standards in terms of security and reliability,

allowing us to integrate innovative smart contracts and our own digital currency.

IBM Technoloy

Blockchain and smart contracts have been developed by IBM for years. IBM Blockchain Hyperledger is the ideal way to reach the level of security and immutability that a project like ours requires.


Transactions and metadata will be encrypted and memorised on the blockchain, providing the best way to preserve our data. Transactions between users of our ecosystem will be managed by smart contracts.


IBM Blockchain work seamlessly with other IBM products that we are integrating into our platform, such as Watson's artificial intelligence and IBM Storage to safely save your information.

Transparency & Privacy

We will guarantee the best standards of transparency regarding what will be shared and what will be protected for privacy reasons, and we will allow you to manage your account's privacy. You will never have to share your DNA if you don't want to. It is your property and it will always be.