A new currency for a new business

All the transactions on our platform will be performed with the currency Genesy


Thanks to blockchain technology


They will not be associated to your name


Executed in a few seconds


We will manage them on our platform

What's behind it?

Genesy is based on the Stellar network. Given its outstanding speed and security regarding managaging electronic payments, it received a strong interest from companies, such as IBM, that have been using it for their innovative projects about financial transactions.

For Genesy Project we have created our own currency, that will be managed by ourselves taking advantage of all of the advanced features of the Stellar network.

How does it work?

Soon the currency Genesy will be available to be purchased or earned, and it will also be possible to transfer it to other users on our platform.

In the near future, once your DNA is sequenced, we will contact you to give you the option of sharing it on our platform.In the near future we will contact you to give you the option of sharing it on our platform.

If you will accept, we will credit you Genesy based on the volume of analysis performed on our platform by other firms, mostly in the medical research business.



To better understand your DNA, there is a chance we will ask you to fill out short questionnaire to enrich your profile and understand correlations.

As a consequence, the longer you will share your DNA, the higher your profit will be.

The analysis performed on the DNA of our users will be monitored by our meters, that will spread Genesy among the users that will accept to share their DNA.

This means that even if your DNA will not be analysed, you will still earn if you decide to share it on our platform.



Having said that, nothing will stop you from sending your Genesy to other users, for whatever reason.

Whether it will be a gift to friends or family, or simply to pay for an exchange in Genesy rather than in Euro or another currency, you will be able to transfer your Genesy to whoever has a Genesy account on our platform.


Value reserve?

Our goal is to create the largest DNA bank in Italy, to support medical research and create a new source of income for our users.

You will have several options to choose from to manage your capital:

Value Reserve

Accumulate your Genesy and consider it a long term investment

Immediate Income

You will be able to sell your Genesy when your balance is positive

Means of Exchange

Use your Genesy to settle personal transactions or to buy extra services on our platform

Does the story end here?

No! Not only you will have access to the shared income coming from analysis performed on our platform, but we will also let you know if you hold a DNA that might be particularly interesting for medical research.

In other words, organisations that will analyse DNA on our platform (mostly medical research and pharmaceutical companies) will not see your name but will be able to express interest in that particular DNA. We will notify you and only at that moment you will be able to decide whether you are willing to participate in further analysis, with the chance of earning even more.

On the other hand, if you will decide to share your DNA but remain anonymous, we will never share your personal details (such as your name) with other organisations.