(Finally) At an affordable price you will receive a saliva kit that our associated laboratories will use to sequence your DNA with third generation technologies. You can also order it for friends and relatives, maybe as a birthday present. The kit will let you collect your saliva quickly, in simple and painless way. Once sequenced, your genome will still belong to you.

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You can keep your DNA completely private and receive your results, that will be expanded with time, or you can make your DNA available for medical research, and gain from it. Even if your DNA will not be displayed with your name, in case it were particular interesting for medical organisations, we will notify you and this could be another source of income for you.

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The kit will not only represent an economic investment for you, but it will also be an investment in your health. We will help you discover features about your DNA that you never knew about yourself e you will be ready for personalised medicine, that will help you choose the best medicines and diet for yourself. A good therapy is based on a good diagnosis and your DNA will soon be a fundamental part of your medical folder.

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100+ Reports

Whole Genome

Nanopore Technology

5X Coverage

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Access to profits for

DNA sharing


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Your data and related transactions will be memorised on the IBM Blockchain Hyperledger, through innovative smart contracts.

We decided to adopt the blockchain technology because it delivers the highest standards of safety, transparency and immutability.


Your DNA will soon likely to be precious information that medical corporations might be willing to buy. You will therefore have an opportunity to create a new source of income for yourself. This decision will always sit with you.

We will give you the ability to choose different levels of privacy, based on your requirements.


Once your DNA is sequenced, you could become part of our ecosystem and receive Genesy coins.

You will also be able to use Genesy to buy services that our firm is already developing, or transfer your Genesy to other users.


We will keep you updated with the most recent medical studies and recommendations, that will be personalised based on your DNA.

Personalised medicine is a revolution for the medical world and through our platform we will do our best to benefit you.


The more data we will have, the deeper will be our knowledge, which will be used to analyse your DNA and share the results with you.

The evolution of genetic research, together with artificial intelligence techniques we are already testing, through platforms like IBM Watson, will enable us to provide even more interesting results and recommendations.


The results from your sequenced DNA will be created through Big Data technologies and will be stored in safe solutions like IBM Storage.

You will always have access to your data and you will also be able to take advantage of the future progress of medical research, through applications delivered through our platform.

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